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SAP® Job Scheduling and Workload Automation

  • Replace or enhance various SAP job schedulers that either lack functionality or are no longer supported by SAP now or in the near future
  • Schedule jobs on both SAP NetWeaver or SAP S/4HANA simultaneously
  • Power your transition from on-prem to the cloud by centrally managing jobs in a hybrid IT environment
  • Create sophisticated workflows that run jobs across both SAP and on other third-party applications 

For Whatever Comes Next

The Stonebranch Universal Automation Centers future-proof approach gives you the next-generation power required to replace or enhance SAP SM36, SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood,  SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) by Redwood, or SAP Solution Manager, along with many other traditional job scheduling and workload automation tools. 

Go Beyond Traditional Job Scheduling with Universal Automation Center.
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Keep Pace with SAP's Next Generation Roadmap

Certified by SAP for the latest SAP S/4HANA, and SAP NetWeaver versions, the Universal Connector for SAP automates IT and business processes across your entire IT ecosystem. With this connector, you are able to enhance and extend the workload automation and job scheduling capabilities supporting SAP environments via a feature-rich direct integration between the Universal Automation Center and SAP.

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BP's Cloud-First Approach to Automation

See how the UAC helps BP manage multi-country SAP job scheduling, both on-prem and in the cloud. In this Stonebranch Online session, Massimo Leoni, IT&S Integration and Automation Portfolio Owner for BP, explains how a SaaS-based automation solution supports the company’s hybrid IT environment, as well as seamless integration with a variety of applications and platforms, including SAP.



Solution Overview

Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center simplifies the way operational staff, application developers and users define and manage end-to-end SAP based business processes to achieve maximum SAP acceleration.

SAP Event Monitor in Stonebranch Unversal Automation Center

Learn how to trigger and monitor SAP business processes in real time based on SAP events. This demo will show you how to create SAP event history tables for SAP events, launch tasks based on event or parameter occurrence, integrate SAP event monitor into workflow scheduling. You will learn how to trigger an SAP event from the Universal Controller and how to start a business process based on an SAP event.

Product Demo: Automate System Copy Process

  • Automate your system copy process from a single source via web GUI. 

  • Schedule, monitor and import your entire end-to-end process including SAP and non-SAP tasks without SAP required expertise or intervention on the source system.

  • Increase data quality for your non-production systems and enable your operations or scheduling team to schedule and monitor your SAP system copy process automatically, for a homogeneous system copy process of your SAP systems. 

Product Demo: How to Automate Batch Calendar Imports

Automate batch imports of SAP factory and related holiday calendars to enable your IT Ops team to use SAP calendars in any scheduling workflow, without needing to contact SAP operations personnel.

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